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Core Training Exercises (Testing page)

A sequence of exercises intended to teach new preparers the core tax law and TSO techniques necessary to prepare most common returns.

Be sure to use TY2019 in Practice Lab (startup default is TY2020)

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Common Setup
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# Action What Notes
1a Interview Upd Interview Pre-interview resources (to print and mark up):
  • Intake Sheet Upd (as filled out by client)
  • NJ Checklist (blank) Upd (blank - to be filled out based on interview and return preparation)
  • Documents Upd (documents only as provided by client - Note: also included in Scenario)
  • Scenario Upd (Step-by-step return preparation with Refund Monitor numbers
1b Lesson Upd
(Time: 5:30:07)

Separate Lessons:
Lesson Ex1 Upd
Lesson Ex2 Upd
Lesson Ex3 Upd
Lesson Ex4 Upd
Preparation Post-interview resources (to check against your marked up versions): Resources (for checking your work): Separate Lessons (These are part of the main lesson, but separate for re-use):
  • Ex1 - Bogart Annuity Calculator
  • Ex2 - NJ Property Tax Relief Programs
  • Ex3 - Handling NJ Income Tax and Property Tax Recoveries
  • Ex4 - Property Tax Amounts on Federal and NJ Returns

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