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Proficiency Part 1

*BETA Test Only!*
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Application of your Tax Law knowledge to the preparation of example returns

These problems are designed to test your proficiency in preparing a complete return - including the New Jersey return.

You might consider requiring your preparers to do the Kent problem in addition to the problems below.

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Be sure to Change Tax Year to 2016

Problem Intake Sheet Scenario Printed Return Work Products
Hale 12-04-2017 Upd 12-19-2017 Upd 11-29-2017 Upd NJ Checklist 12-04-2017 Upd
ScratchPads 11-27-2017 Upd
Annuity Calculator 11-27-2017 Upd
Use Tax 11-27-2017 Upd
Lynch 11-30-2017 Upd 12-19-2017 Upd 12-12-2017 Upd NJ Checklist 12-01-2017 Upd
ScratchPads 11-28-2017 Upd

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